Die Verlegerin, Camilla Zuleger, hat mit Wunderbuzz.com über Inspiration, Internet und Anfänge gesprochen:

Generally, I think I’ve to a great extent underestimated the business I was getting into. Paper, books, and poetry as my first two books are, is not in any way a lucrative business from day 1, nor is it easy getting fast anywhere. And I think that’s my biggest challenge, the pace of it all. I’m in no way a patient person, and I don’t like waiting for things. I want everything, and I want it now. But still, I consider the fact that I underestimated it a big asset: I’m sure, I would’ve never have done it, had I known what I was getting into, and today, standing in the midst of it with books everywhere in my home, I couldn’t imagine not having done it.

- wunderbuzz.com

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